Welcome to Gentleman Homestead Consulting.  We are located in the Dayton, OH area and are passionate about helping our neighbors and community design sustainable gardens and other homestead food systems using permaculture principles and regenerative techniques.

I’ll next answer your most likely question – What’s up with the name?

When we moved to our five acre homestead in 2011, I had a typical 9-5 day job.  Our family started applying my studies of Permaculture to transform acres of the previous owners’ lush but wasteful lawn into something productive.  Since I was merely a weekend warrior, I would tongue-in-cheek describe myself as a Gentleman Farmer of leisure.  (For the record, my lovely wife usually considers me half of a “Gentleman Farmer”.)  I’d race home from work, loosen the tie, play/wrestle with the kiddos, give my overworked lady a break and jump in with the feeding, bathing, and bedtime routines of those babies… and only then don my favorite dirt-stained jeans and start digging around outside… usually with the aid of a headlamp.


Via Permaculture principles, we strive to help you build resilient, regenerative food production systems that increase your family’s food security, and then that of your community.  How is this possible when Husband slaves at least 50 hours a week behind a keyboard in a cubicle farm and Wife does the same… or maybe runs around after mischievous children?  It’s possible because we continually design systems that work harder than we do.

In 2011, our young family of four recently moved from the manicured suburban cul-de-sac where society says we’re supposed to live, to five acres outside town.  We began with a clean slate and if you choose to follow along, you’ll see our successes and failures in real time as we transform our land.


Thomas Jefferson believed our fledgling country’s citizens should all be backyard Intellectual Agrarians.  To put it another way: Gentleman Homesteaders.  Despite one’s day job, be it lawyer, shopkeeper, or Software Engineer (Tom was a forward thinker, after all)… it is the responsibility of each man and woman to grow a portion, or at least know something about and approve of, the food put on their family’s table.  On many levels, that concept really speaks to me.  Sadly, Mr. Jefferson’s dream has been all but lost and the majority of our neighbors have no idea where their food originated, let alone which toxic chemicals or Frankenstein-esque genetic modifications have been applied.


In the spirit of Jefferson’s dream… with the goal of providing ourselves a little more food security and resiliency… amidst our concerns about nutritionally deficient, chemically dependent, industrial food… we’re trying to do our little part to help others opt out of, then heal, our country’s defunct food industries.  Hopefully we can all once again move towards becoming a Nation of Intellectual Agrarians.

5 comments on “About
  1. Christina says:

    I like your About statement. Clearly, I have not read enough Jefferson because I don’t remember reading anything by him such as you say above, although, I believe I recognize his “voice” in the theme of your statement. And I agree. Sustaining ourselves in our basic needs should not be a lost art; I cannot imagine how we allowed our culture to so degenerate in the most basic of skills. I will watch your posts with interest.

  2. Jeff Arenz says:

    Love this, and I am glad I found your site. I found it when searching for info about Muscovies, I am thinking about integrating them into our Homestead. I look forward to following you in the future.

    • Jeff Arenz says:

      Also, what part of the country are you located in?

      • Mike says:

        Hi Jeff, I’m located in SW Ohio. The consulting and education side of things have picked up immensely in the past year or so, so I hardly post much anymore. Good luck with the Muscovies!

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