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Chick Integration Day

It’s a big day for our five broody hatched chicks: Integration Day! For a full week, mama and her babies were segregated by chicken wire, yet still inside The Coop‘s run.  That way everyone could get acquainted slowly, the resident

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The Chicks Hatched!

I recently alluded to our big day in a Homestead Show & Tell update and thought you might like to see the little fuzzballs for yourself.  Some have names.  Some do not.  At the end I’ll list the breeds of

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Guest Post – Meet the Flockers

Last week, you read my take on how seven pullets came to live with us.  Here is my Wife’s personal poultry review now that she’s had almost a year as a chicken keeper.  She has been writing for and

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I’m Cock of the Walk! Meet our Chickens

We’re still looking into the past as I catch you up on the Homestead’s first year of progress.  These pictures are from around September of last year, which is when our Girls joined us. That’s right.  Girls.  Hens.  Seven of

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The Grand Chicken Coop Tour

I know everyone has been waiting with bated breath to see chicken coop updates since you devoured my first build report. Well, prepare your gullets. Here you go. This project ended up taking longer than I planned since I prefer

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