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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

I was going to go with a Milli Vanilli inspired title, but I guess our “Toddler Radio” Pandora station won out.  Have to admit it’s been wearing me down… wearing me down in a glittery, high pitched, Sillies-Shaking-Out, psychological torture

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Show & Tell – 5-1-14

Time for another quick run down of some, but not all, of the stuff going on around the ol’ Gentleman Homestead. Rode the motorcycle to meet up with friends and hear Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms speak in (somewhat) nearby

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Show & Tell 4-18-14

Time for another quick update (aka smartphone memory cleanup) on some of the things happening around our place recently. Stuck four blueberry bushes in Hugelkultur beds I built last year with a friend. Wrote a guest post for the lovely

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New Spring Chick

Our little family has grown by one more as we welcomed a new addition this past Friday afternoon. Things might be a little sparse around here for a few days… Meet Charlotte Grace!

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DIY Five Gallon Bucket Mouse Trap

I’ve loved every second since we moved out of the typical stifling suburban cul-de-sac and into “the country” last year.  Caring for our livestock (Yes Wife, chickens and composting worms are livestock), starting the garden, walking our woods, harvesting apples,

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