Welcome to Gentleman Homestead Consulting!

Welcome to Gentleman Homestead Consulting.  My name is Mike and I’ll begin by answering your most likely question – What’s up with the name?

Due to the presence of a day job, I consider myself a Gentleman Homesteader.  My wife considers me half that.  Depending on the day, her answer varies for the next logical question – Which half?

Thomas Jefferson believed that his fledgling country’s citizens should all be backyard Intellectual Agrarians.  Despite one’s station in life or profession, be it lawyer, shopkeeper, or farmer… it would be the responsibility of each man and woman to grow a portion, or at least know about and approve, of the food put on their family’s table.  Sadly, Jefferson’s dream has been lost and the vast majority of our neighbors have no idea where their food originated, let alone which toxic chemicals or Frankenstein genetic modifications have been applied.

In the spirit of that dream, and amidst our concerns about nutritionally deficient, chemically-dependent, industrial food, our young family moved from our manicured suburban cul-de-sac to five acres outside town. We do our best to grow healthy, sustainable food void of toxins.  How is this possible when Husband slaves 50 hours a week behind a keyboard and Wife takes care of a mischievous toddler and soon-to-be-ornery infant?  It’s possible because we continually build natural systems that work harder than we do.

Gentleman Homestead Consulting was born when we realized our passion for helping others build natural, sustainable, beyond organic backyard food systems.

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