Show & Tell – 5-1-14

Time for another quick run down of some, but not all, of the stuff going on around the ol’ Gentleman Homestead.

Rode the motorcycle to meet up with friends and hear Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms speak in (somewhat) nearby Wilmington, OH.  As expected, he brought the passion.  My favorite moments included watching the host University President’s body language when Mr. Salatin railed against the big players in our industrialized, unhealthy food systems… knowing they likely donate a lot of money and research grants to the school’s Ag department.


Curly hatched her adopted babies.  Final tally was five and it’s so much fun watching her teach them to be chickens.




Dug a couple swales for rain water harvesting on the sloped part of our front yard and planted five PawPaw trees in the mounds.  Also put in a bunch of hazelnuts, more blueberries, spicebush, sassafras, thornless honey locust (excellent nitrogen fixer!), chestnut, and a few buckeyes for sentimental reasons – Grandma’s farm had buckeyes.

Our food forest is starting to get populated.


The asparagus patch is coming up nicely.  I planted these crowns last year, so they’re still off limits.  If you need me, I’ll be out in the garden holding an empty plate for another year.


Picked up our  grass-fed steer from the local butcher and split it with a neighbor. Wanted to go all Rocky and start training in here, but was able to resist.


Mmmm, dinner. These cuts are huge!  Yet somehow we managed.  While I suck at cooking…  Grilling I can handle.


Anything new going on around your place?


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