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Who’s the Big Winner?!

Mikey’s the Big Winner!! Thanks espn.go.com That’s right, ladies and gentleman… I came.  I saw.  I commented.  I won… A blog contest. In particular I won some rocking chicken art from the very talented Sarah Hudock of Lighthearted Art thanks

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How to Build a Rain Barrel Platform

If you are a Master Carpenter: You can go ahead and skip this post and find something more interesting on the interwebs…… maybe by visiting my full Site Index. 😉 You, Sir or Madam, are most definitely not me. After

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The Grand Chicken Coop Tour

I know everyone has been waiting with bated breath to see chicken coop updates since you devoured my first build report. Well, prepare your gullets. Here you go. This project ended up taking longer than I planned since I prefer

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Chicken Coop Build – Part 1

Hope it’s alright with you, but I plan to talk quite a lot about chickens.  After all, they’re probably the ultimate when it comes to “Pets with Benefits”, and right now they’re my only backyard livestock (since I don’t fully

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