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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

I was going to go with a Milli Vanilli inspired title, but I guess our “Toddler Radio” Pandora station won out.  Have to admit it’s been wearing me down… wearing me down in a glittery, high pitched, Sillies-Shaking-Out, psychological torture

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Show & Tell 4-18-14

Time for another quick update (aka smartphone memory cleanup) on some of the things happening around our place recently. Stuck four blueberry bushes in Hugelkultur beds I built last year with a friend. Wrote a guest post for the lovely

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Family Resilience Essentials

Hey mainstream America, can we be clear about something?  Just because someone decides to keep a little food and water on hand… that doesn’t make them a tin-foiled, paranoid, raving mad lunatic “prepping” for a zombie apocalypse.  OK? Photo credited

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