They Grow Up So Fast

One day they’re content staying close to Mom, just snuggling in all the time to stay warm and have a comfy place to nap…

Then seemingly the next day they’re off on their own, stirring up trouble, and listening to that loud Rock and/or Roll music the kids are crazy for these days…


It’s been awhile since I’ve shown our five broody hatched baby chicks (<– Warning: Cuteness Overload).  As of yesterday, when these pics were taken, they are almost seven weeks old.


They’re definitely feathering out nicely, but have a bit to go.  That above pic is the best one I had to show the feathered feet thanks to their Brahma baby-daddy.  They’re feathered out well enough that apparently Mama thought they’re old enough to fly the coop.  About a week ago she stopped being Mom and she’s back to giving us an egg every day.  One night I went out for the usual routine of locking up the chicken door and tucking everyone in, and I noticed the little cheepers were down in the run in their nest box where they’d slept their whole lives…  But Mom wasn’t with them.  Sure enough, she’d gone upstairs to roost for the night.

I removed the temporary nest box and got all the young’ins upstairs.  They’re still not interested in roosting and pile into a nest box up there to sleep each night.  Hey, at least they’re going upstairs.  Baby steps, I guess.  Little chicken baby steps.

I’m hoping it won’t be too long before they decide to join everyone else roosting at the night.  They obviously have no problem hanging out on one of the run’s perches.


It’s interesting to watch, although a little disconcerting at first, how standoffish Mom is.  No more calling them over to unveil tasty morsels.  No more defense from pecking order love taps.

But she did her job well and I couldn’t be happier about how incredibly easy this process was.  Thanks to Mama.


Yep, they’re pullets now.  Almost all grown up.  For more proof, here’s video of them dust bathing with the older girls.


The Wife was a little iffy about this latest chicken project at first.  Now she routinely asks, “When can we hatch more babies?”

That’s my girl.


Question of the Day: Anyone want to update their previous guess as to what breeds we have?  I also can’t yet tell who’s a cockerel, but I have a good guess on at least one.

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One comment on “They Grow Up So Fast
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