Video Tour of Our Young Food Forest – What is a Swale?

As you might imagine, I get a lot of questions from clients, friends, and family about the swale system I established in front of our home.

“What’s up with all the weird ditches?”

“Putting in a septic tank?….. You’re doing it wrong.”

If you’re curious about what a swale is and what it does, or if you just want to take a peek at our young permaculture food forest, then this video is for you.

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2 comments on “Video Tour of Our Young Food Forest – What is a Swale?
  1. Leo Tat says:

    I heard that swale are also used to remove pollutants. How do they do that?
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    • Mike says:

      Swales would not be the best technique for removing pollution.

      Of course a lot depends on what type of contaminant one is discussing…. but generally speaking a permanent marsh or similar is more appropriate for most of these types of situations. Swales empty within a few days as the water soaks into the surrounding landscape.

      Marshes and bogs and wetlands with sufficient plant life (like fast growing reeds, grasses, etc) can help to clean water by acting as a natural filter before the water moves elsewhere.

      That’s just one possible idea for some situations.

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